We Believe in Family

What does that mean?

See this fun bunch over here?  That's Our Family

For every year that our family grows, we grow giddy with excitement. A big family has always been our dream. But, with a big family, comes lots of milestones, events, and little moments of kiddos growing too fast. Luckily, Amy and I always have our cameras on us, and know how to shoot to save those precious moments.

We want that for you. We believe that every memory deserves to be preserved. We want to be there for you in both the milestones and #themomentsinbetween. We want you to have albums and scrapbooks to look back on with quality photos. We want YOU to be in those memories, not always behind the phone taking the photo.

Our favorite thing is watching clients come back to us year after year, letting us into your expanding family. We like to joke, let us into your life for a day and you'll be in our family forever. We believe in family, because after all, we are family.

So come on in, join the #WSfamilyforever

Maternity Sessions

Whether it's your first try or your miracle baby, your first born or your fifth kid, we believe pregnancy is a special time. You're the only one who knows that wee little babe within you. They will be around for years, but these nine months will fly by.

You're creating something beautiful and we think you're beautiful. You deserve to see it too. That, my friends, is what maternity shoots are for.

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You're creating a family history, a lasting legacy. One of memories, tiny moments, and unconditional love.

The pregnancy glow is no joke, I see it in every pregnant mama. I have seen Amy go through it three times already. I fall in love with her babies every single time she announces it, but more so, I get to daily experience the glow as we work side by side. To me, pregnancy is a miracle and I am honored every time a woman trusts us to capture such a fleeting time.

The Details

 Your due date fast approaches and you realize soon you'll meet the wee little miracle inside you.

It's time to snuggle them a little closer, hold that belly, appreciate the precious time you've spent getting to know them before anyone else.

It's time....to spend an hour or two with us! Wherever you want, wearing whatever makes you feel beautiful! We'll help you location scout and even outfit shop if you need advice. It's a lifestyle shoot and we're excited to be hanging out with your beautiful pregnant self.

We'll send along a handy PDF guide with tips and tricks to make it easiest on you and you'll set up a time with Amy for between 27 and 34 weeks. It's as simple as that!

LIfestyle Sessions ARE $500
with the option to Purchase Prints and Albums


Grow With Me

From the moment you learn you're pregnant, you start imagining a tiny baby, But we all know that tiny baby does not stay tiny for long.

For some things, a year feels like a long time. In baby years, it is NOT. They're born tiny and sweet, but before you know it, they're moving into the six month onesies you thought would be in the closet for a while. They get bigger, faster, funnier. Then suddenly it's time to plan a one year birthday party!

They are snuggly, sleepy babies when they're newborns. They're sitting up, giggling, and curious when they're six months. They're bundles of personality when they turn a year old. And you, well, that's a whole different story. You're tired, hoping to make it through each day on coffee, yoga pants and messy buns are your new fashion statement. Being a mom is a full time job.

In the blink of an eye, everything changes.

Allow us to take one thing off your plate. You want these memories to look back at one day when your baby is headed off to prom.
We promise to get them.

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The Details

Let us take care of remembering when to schedule your next shoot. You just enjoy the months as they fly by.
Be the parent and we'll be the planner.

Typically, our newborn shoots are 1-2 hours based on how many snacks, diaper blowouts, and cuddles needed. Each baby is different and they run the show at this point. Amy will send a PDF guide with helpful tips to prepare for your shoot so you don't have to think about anything. All you have to do is email us when baby has made their grand arrival to the world! 

The six month and one year shoot both run about an hour max. These are lifestyle, laid back and candid. We want to capture the natural moments between you and your kiddo. Whether we go to a park or even just hang in your backyard, we're there to capture some precious moments! There's only so many angles you can get in a selfie, so let's get YOU in the photos too! Also yes, cake, donuts, anything smashable can be planned for the one year session! Again, Amy is just an email away, ready to help with planning :)


A NEWBORN SESSION IS $600. Save $350 by purchasing this bundle
Prints and albums available for purchase


Family Sessions

Life is busy with a toddler, or maybe there's a few kids now. You're suddenly realizing that the only photos you ever have of your family are phone photos, And someone is usually missing, behind the camera.

It's time for a family session my friend. Time for an excuse to dress your cute fam in coordinating outfits. Time to get some photos you can print big and hang on the walls. Time to hand over the role of photographer and just exist in the moment with your loved ones.

Phones are great for capturing spur of the moment memories, we get that. But too often we end up hiding behind our screens. It's time to get everyone in one frame. When your kids grow up and look through family photos, they'll want to see you WITH them. 

We believe in family. We believe that passing down family photos for generations is one of the best gifts we have for our children. it's sometimes only in old family photos that stories live on from years past.

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The Details

spring, summer, winter, fall...
doesn't matter to us. ANytime is a good time for some updated family portraits!

Our family sessions are simple. Because we know you don't need more pressure on your busy schedule. Let's meet in the park for a stroll, or perhaps your house and show us your favorite things to do as a family. Let us come to your family farm or let's go to the beach because you're there every day of the year.

Let us into your life for an hour and we promise to capture some beautiful  portraits. Inquire below and arrange your shoot with Amy. She'll help you find the perfect spot and answer any questions you have about how we run our shoots.

BOOK A Lifestyle Session FOR $500*

*Potential Additional charge for large family groups*
Prints and albums available for purchase


Mini Sessions

Christmas Cards. A mother's day gift. A summer silhouette. A frolick in the sunflower fields. Special occasions and Just because moments.

Mini sessions are quick and easy. They can be for a holiday or they can be capturing something seasonal. While we always offer a fall shoot geared towards your Christmas card, we sometimes switch it up through the year!

The one thing they all have in common? They sell out fast! We offer mini sessions only a few times a year. Sign up for the emails to be the first to know. They're offered on a first come, first serve, basis and our subscribers are given a 24 hour loyalty window before we open them to the public!

We get it, kids don't always sit still or cooperate. schedules get busy before holidays. Suddenly it's November and you haven't thought of your Christmas card. That's why we do mini Sessions.

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The Details/A Note

while we love mini sessions, they do not replace full family sessions. if you're looking for family portraits, look above!

Our mini sessions may feel like a "discounted" portrait session but they are actually quite different. If you've never been to one let me share with you how we run them!

We choose the location and the props. We set the dates and the time slots. You come for 15 minutes and we get about ten photos for you. There are no redo's, even if your kiddos refuse to smile. We do the best we can but it's very specific circumstances.

We don't say this to sound harsh, but to make sure you don't set unrealistic expectations. While we've never had an unhappy mini session client, we'd hate for you to be let down because you thought you could get a full family portrait session in 15 minutes.

If you have any further questions or need help deciding what kind of session is best for you, just shoot us an email!

Thank you!

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